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Pediatric HIV Control

Pediatric HIV Control
Dominique Ouattara Calls for International Mobilization
Dominique Ouattara Calls for International Mobilization
Dominique Ouattara Calls for International Mobilization

A particularly busy day for Madame Dominique Ouattara, First Lady of Côte d'Ivoire in New York. Indeed, on the sidelines of the 72nd Annual Assembly of the United Nations, the wife of the Ivorian Head of state participated, on Thursday, September 21st, 2017, in two (02) high-level meetings. Mrs. Dominique Ouattara took part respectively in a high-level meeting organized by UNAIDS under the theme: Acceleration strategy: intensifying actions aimed to end of the epidemic", and  a conference organized by the Center of Economic and Leadership Development.

It was at the United Nations headquarters in New York that Mrs. Dominique Ouattara began this marathon day with the high-level meeting organized by UNAIDS, which recorded the participation of several African heads of state.

Under the theme "Acceleration strategy: intensifying actions aimed to end of the epidemic", the Heads of State of Uganda, Swaziland, Seychelles, Botswana, Zambia and Guinea Conakry shared the policies in place in their respective countries and their vision to end the AIDS pandemic.

The President-in-Office of the African Union (AU), President Alpha Gondé, has supported the institution he leads in the vision and the efforts of UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé.

For her part, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara was keen to launch a call for an international mobilization against pediatric AIDS. For the Special Ambassador of UNAIDS, it is only on this condition that the States and the organizations involved in the fight against this scourge will be able to make it decline.

"In my capacity as UNAIDS Special Ambassador, I would like to call upon the entire international community for a strong mobilization for the care of pediatric AIDS in the continent. Indeed, antiretrovirals in their pediatric form remain inaccessible for many populations, and we are in great need of the action of pharmaceutical companies to correct this situation, if we want to end the pandemic by 2030 " said Dominique Ouattara. Her conviction is based on numbers. In fact, only 43% of sick children have access to pediatric antiretroviral therapy. A study conducted in 2016 shows that 80 per cent of pregnant women in Africa have received Prevention of Mother to Child (PMTCT) and antiretroviral treatment, but there are still 160,000 children which are born with HIV.

"This situation is unacceptable and must involve everyone in order to achieve real change," said Dominique Ouattara, UNAIDS Special Ambassador.

In addition, the First Lady paid tribute to French artist Line Renaud, one of the pioneers of the struggle and co-founder of SIDACTION.

"It is all together that we have the power to change the world, to reinvent a humanity without Aids (...)," said the artist with strength, determination and elegance. And conclude: "We will defeat AIDS".

« En ma qualité d’Ambassadeur spécial de l’Onusida, je voudrais lancer à un appel à toute la communauté internationale en faveur d’une forte mobilisation pour la prise en charge du Sida pédiatrique sur le continent. En effet, les antirétroviraux dans leur forme pédiatrique restent inaccessibles pour de nombreuses populations, et nous avons grandement besoin de l’action des firmes pharmaceutiques pour corriger  cette situation, si nous voulons mettre fin à la pandémie d’ici 2030 », a plaidé Madame Dominique Ouattara.  Sa conviction, elle la fonde sur des chiffres. En effet, seulement 43% des enfants malades ont accès au traitement pédiatrique antirétroviral.   Une étude réalisée en 2016 montre que 80% des femmes enceintes en Afrique ont reçu les services de la Prévention de la transmission de la mère à l’enfant (PTME)  et un traitement antirétroviral mais l’on a noté tout de même  160 000 enfants  qui naissent avec le VIH.

«Cette situation est inacceptable et doit susciter l’implication de tous afin de parvenir à un réel changement », a indiqué Madame Dominique Ouattara,  Ambassadeur spécial de l’Onusida.

Par ailleurs, la Première Dame a rendu un vibrant hommage à l’artiste  française Line Renaud, une des pionnières de la lutte et co-fondatrice de l’organisation SIDACTION.

« C’est tous ensemble que nous avons le pouvoir de changer le monde, de réinventer une humanité sans Sida(…) », a indiqué l’artiste avec force, détermination et élégance. Et de conclure : « Nous allons vaincre le Sida ». 

Dominique Ouattara receives the Global Impact Leadership Award

Indeed, for her leadership and humanitarian and social commitment, the First Lady received the Global Impact Leadership Awards.

Panelist on the theme "First Ladies on Mission", Mrs. Dominique Ouattara explained her humanitarian commitment with Children Of Africa Foundation for the cause of child victims of the worst forms of child labor, not forgetting her determination to the issue of the empowerment of women with the Côte d'Ivoire Women's Support Fund (FAFCI)

Her contribution to the international conference organized by the "Center of Economic and Development" ended her stay in New York.