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First Lady of micro finance the 3,000 women
Mrs. Dominique Ouattara attests her support for women in the Bélier region
Mrs. Dominique Ouattara attests her support for women in the Bélier region

First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara has proceeded, Thursday, December 12th, 2013 on the esplanade of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Foundation, with the delivery of 1,500 FAFCI checks to the women of the Bélier region (the region of the ram) and the District of Yamoussoukro. Thanks to this new wave of funding, 3,000 women of the District of Yamoussoukro and the Bélier region who got, up to CFA F 200 million of the financing of their micro projects.

Indeed, during the first phase of the Support Fund for the Women of Côte d'Ivoire ( FAFCI ), the Bélier region only got CFA francs 100 million of the funding. 1,500 women have benefited from funding for their activities during that first phase. Building on that success, additional funding of 100 million CFA francs has been granted to the region. So that 1,500 other women have seen their micro projects financed by the fund set up by the First Lady. An opportunity for local women to show their gratitude to their benefactor. In addition to the delivery of this funding, the wife of the Head of State gave them gifts in kind and in cash worth 115 million CFA francs. Specifically, the Gold heart Lady gave donations of food and equipment worth 110 million to the populations of the region. An ambulance and medical supplies have been offered to health centers. She also provided agricultural equipment to women's groups and cooperatives. Sewing and hairdressing equipment have been given to women's centers, as well as literacy kits for women's groups. Hardware, furniture, food and non-food supplies were offered to the region high schools, junior high colleges and school canteens. Mrs. Dominique Ouattara went beyond. To these in-kind donations, the first of Ivorian ladies has also offered CFA francs 5 million to her sisters.

The First Lady gave the FAFCI checks to 1,500 women
The First Lady gave the FAFCI checks to 1,500 women

It was a great opportunity for the First Lady to express her confidence and support to women in the region. "I know your sense of solidarity and dynamism.Your initiative to form cooperatives to work hand in hand meets my total support. I encourage you to persevere in that direction because it is in solidarity and cohesion that you will manage to achieve great business, " Mrs. Dominique Ouattara advised.
In addition, the generous benefactor encouraged the FAFCI funding recipients to perseverance and thoroughness to transform their lives qualitatively. "It is on this condition and with perseverance and rigor, you will be able to grow your business," the First Lady revealed.
Anne Désirée Ouloto, Minister of Solidarity, Family, Women and Children welcomed the commitment of the First Lady for women. She revealed that this commitment to the empowerment of women is a vector of development. "You understand that investing in women's empowerment is the path to the fight against poverty and development," stated Anne Ouloto.
Touré Massara , 6th Deputy Mayor of Yamoussoukro, at her turn, welcomed these donations. She wanted to thank the First Lady for her heart impulse. "In the crusade against poverty undertaken by His Excellency the President of the Republic, your action remains an effective support that brings extra maternal affection expected by everyone," she revealed.

Miss Kouadio Eridia, representative of the Microfinance partners appraises the current state of the micro-financing for women in the region. Thus, she revealed that after the launching of FAFCI in the Bélier, 24,000 women enrolled in the objective of getting the fund. After the first wave selection, 1,500 women got the fund for a total of CFA francs 102.5 million. Miss Kouadio also revealed that women living outside the Autonomous District of Yamoussoukro namely Didiévi, Toumodi, Tiébissou and Tié N'dékro, also have benefited from the fund.
Mrs. Fanta Yoboué spokesperson of Yamoussoukro women praised the generosity of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara. "Today, thanks to your great heart and the dynamism of your spouse, our dreams become day by day realities," she argued.
The women of Yamoussoukro District made donations on the occasion of this ceremony, the to First Lady. A way to show their infinite gratitude.

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