24 hours After the Call for Help Made by His Grandfather

Dominique Ouattara prend totalement en charge les soins de l’enfant Joël Poro

Dominique Ouattara takes full responsibility for the treatment of the child Joël Poro.

Mrs Dominique Ouattara, President of the Children Of Africa Foundation could not have remained insensitive to the deteriorating health condition of the little Pierre Joël Abdoul Fatao Poro. At the age of two (2) only, this child suffers from a tumour for some months now at the right eye. A disease which may destroy the child's eye if he is not treated urgently.  The child's parents who are exhausted and cannot afford the medical cost which amount to F CFA 1,110,000, decided then to call for help in a local newspaper. Less than 24 hours later, Mrs Dominique Ouattara, affected by the call for help through media, decides to help as a mother. To this end, the President of Children Of Africa Foundation decides to take responsibility for the total amount required by medical doctors to save the little Joël Poro. The financial aid hand-over ceremony took place on Thursday 19 May 2016 at the headquarters of the Children of Africa Foundation, in the presence of  Coulibaly Brahima, Director of communication of Children Of Africa, Dr Son Jérôme, Project manager of Children of Africa, N'Cho Raymond and Poro Mamadou, respectively grandfather and father of the child.  It was with quavering voice that N'Cho Raymond, grandfather of the little Poro Joël expressed his gratitude to Mrs Dominique Ouattara for her generosity. 'I am very happy because I was not expecting this good deed. I thank the First Lady. I pledge that she continues on this path in order to save other children', he said. On his part, Poro Mamadou, the father of the little Joël expressed his joy. 

As a reminder, the sum of F CFA 728,060 was needed to treat the sick eye of the little Poro Joël. An amount to which it must be added nine (9) weeks of hospital expenses that rise to F CFA 380.000.