5th Edition of Abidjan, Pearl Lights

First Lady Dominique Ouattara has launched the 5th edition of the festival of lights called "Abidjan, pearl lights ", on Monday, December 14th, 2015, in Plateau. This 5th edition, nearly 5 kms sets of scenery and imposing structures, drawings, varied colors, shapes and craftsmen made specifically for Abidjan. They are also 54 sets of scenery, 9 fortresses and finally the festival tree of 30 meters high of nearly 550,000 green LED bulbs of low consumption of 47 tons. This set of magical scenery will allow Ivorians to spend the New Year celebrations in the most beautiful way. A wish expressed by the sponsor of the event, the First Lady Dominique Ouattara. Indeed, the wife of the head of state expressed the hope that these lights are a gathering factor between the sons and daughters of the country. "I wish these lights shine inside each of us," the First Lady insisted. She reminded that these events not only mark the end of the year, but in addition, they are of three festive characteristics namely the celebration of 55 years of independence, the country's victory in the CAN and the proper conduct of the presidential election of October 2015.
The Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Security, Hamed Bakayoko took this opportunity to salute the generosity of the First Lady Dominique Ouattara. He spoke of humanism and commitment of the Ivorian Mother Teresa alongside the poor. "Please take care of the poor! "He thanked the First Lady for her many actions in favor of the disadvantaged. In addition, on behalf of the Government, the State Minister Hamed Bakayoko expressed his delight for this festival of light.