First Lady, Dominique Ouattara alongside ministers maurice kouakou bandama and abinan k. pascal

Returning home last weekend, First Lady Dominique Ouattara held, on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017, to attest her support to the Ministers Maurice Kouakou Bandama and Abinan K. Pascal following the deaths of their parents. Although she was absent from the country when the misfortune struck her two members of the Government, she ensure being alongside them to express to them her affliction and all her support.

It’s by the residence of the Minister of Culture and the Francophony located in the Riviera Attoban, a stone's throw from the Commissariat of the 30th arrondissement that the important delegation of the First Lady began this support visit. In fact, the spouse of the Head of State was accompanied during this visit by Mrs. Clarisse Kablan Duncan, spouse of the Vice-President, Minister Diakité Coty Souleymane, CEO of Road Maintenance Fund (FER), Mrs. Sarah Sacko Fadiga, former Vice-President of the National Assembly and many other personalities. Through the voice of the Minister of Tourism, Mr Fofana Siandou, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara pointed out the affinity that binds the Presidential couple to Minister Maurice Kouakou Bandama. Despite her absence from the country when he was grieved, she said that she had been present today to show her support to the Minister of Culture and to the members of his family. In addition, in order to materialize her support for the grieving family, she offered the sum of 5 million CFA francs.

After this step, the delegation of the First Lady visited the home of Minister Abinan K. Pascal. The latter lost his mother, Mrs Bossombla Anoumtche Marie, on November 25, 2016. During this stage, the wife of the Head of State stressed the strong ties that connect her to the current Minister of Public Service. She expressed all her affliction and support after the death of his mother. She also offered the sum of 5 million CFA francs to the latter and the members of his family in order to support them.