“BIG CLEANING UP” operation


In this framework, the spouse of the Head of State first went to Anono, a district of the commune of Cocody where she gave, a beautiful example of cleanliness along with the wife of the Vice-President of Côte d'Ivoire, Mrs. Clarisse Duncan; the Minister of Health, Environment and Sustainable Development, Mrs. Anne Désirée Ouloto; The Minister of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urban Planning, Mr. Claude Isaac, the Mayor of the commune of Cocody, Mr. Mathias Aka N'Gouan and many other personalities involved in the fight against insalubrity.

Questioned by journalists about the reasons for her involvement in the struggle against unhealthy conditions, the First Lady said: "We were at “the Palais de la Culture”, on February 28, to affirm our commitment to have a clean country and have a country where all the houses, the communes, the neighborhoods, and the villages are cleaned up. I came to reaffirm this commitment to my brothers and sisters, beginning by Anono, because it seemed to me that it was symbolic to start here. I have come to say that it is very important for the health of the people that the country be clean and healthy. It is very important to sweep and clean. When you see the garbage, you have to remove it, and that's what I came to do this morning, "said the wife of the Head of State.

In addition, Claude Isaac, Minister of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urbanism, spoke on this occasion. "Mr. Prime Minister [Amadou Gon Coulibaly, Editor's note] wanted the teams of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urban Planning to evaluate the work to be done as a result of this Operation "Grand Ménage". This evaluation was completed yesterday afternoon, and we will submit it as Monday morning the estimate of the work. I would like to inform you that [the Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly, Ed] encourages the community of Anono to persevere in this activity. This launch is symbolic, but you must continue every day. The Government will also follow up, but it is up to you to be able to keep your neighborhoods clean. So, as soon as the Prime Minister returns, we will inform the community of the decisions of the Government, "said Minister Claude Isaac.