After Sakassou the solidarity caravan initiated by the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara ahead of the state visit in the GBEKE region, headed, on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 to Botro. In this rural town about forty kilometers from Bouaké, the ceremony took place at the town hall. As in Sakassou, people met the challenge of mobilization. Thus, in all their diversity, they stormed the place early in the ceremony.
With the hands full of gifts, the delegation of the office of the First Lady made the trip to Botro . In fact, concerned about the well-being of her fellow citizens, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara spares no effort to show solidarity with them and support them. So Mrs. Dominique Ouattara provided food and non-food supplies to the people of this locality. The value of these donations: 85 million FCFA. Specifically, she offered 03 rice and corn hullers, 03 corn and cassava grinders, 40 sprayers, 10 pumps, 300 watering cans, 150 wheelbarrows, 15 cassava pressers; 03 motor vehicles, 32 iceboxes, 15  gas bottles of 12kg, to cooperatives and women's groups.

In the area of health, the First Lady gave an ambulance to the General Hospital of Botro. In addition, she offered 12 hospital beds, 12 mattresses, 12 childbirth tables, 12 gynecological examination tables, 05 medical refrigerators, 12 childbirth kits, 50 baskets, 150 antenatal consultation kits, 10 care trolleys, 1,000 and 200 baby bibs, and 50 baby care products to various health centers of the department. In the social sphere, it is 15 hairdressing helmets, 01 hairdressing equipment set, 01 sewing equipment set, 03 stoves, 03 freezers and 15 sewing machines that will allow equipping female households in the locality. Schools have not been forgotten. Indeed, 60 geometric sets, 20 chalk boxes, 10 sport sets and 08 footballs have been donated to the primary and secondary schools of the Botro for the greatest joy of children and the teaching body. The kindergartens of the department received 03 turnstiles, 06 swings, 06 , 60 toboggans, 20 child tables, 80 child tables with chairs, 11 wooden horses. For school canteens, the First Lady offered 1,000 plates, 1,000 spoons, 1,000 cups, 50 decanters and 500 carafes. Finally, the First Lady has provided food to the people of Botro . In fact , 30 boxes of pasta with tomato, 100 bags of pasta and 20 oil cartons, 120 rice bags of 50 kg and 20 bags of 25kg salt have been given to her brothers and sisters of Botro.