Boundiali and Dikodougou

La Premiére Dame, Mme Dominique Ouattara a offert des équipements pour les centres de formation féminine

After M'Bengué, Tengrela, Kouto, Sinématiali and Ouangolodougou the team of the First Lady has finished, Sunday, June 24, 2013, its mission of solidarity and departments by Boundiali Dikodougou departments. Like in other towns in the Poro region, the delegation led by Mrs. Sylvie Patricia Yao, Chief of Staff of the First Lady’s Office, ahead of the state visit of the presidential couple from the 2nd to the 8th July in region, offered gifts to people. It’s by the department of Boundiali the delegation started its tour in the morning. Thus, she offered to the people of the Bagoué 05 rice and maize crushers, 10 corn and cassava grinders, 50 sprayers, 20 motorpumps, 300 sprinklers and 200 wheelbarrows have been offered to women's cooperatives and groups in Boundiali. Concerned about the well-being of women, the First Lady also offered 03 stoves, freezers 03 and 20 sewing machines to women's refuges. Junior high schools and high schools in Bagoué region have not been forgotten. In fact, the First Lady has offered educational and sports equipment to the junior high schools and high schools of the department, namely 70 geometric sets, 20 boxes of crayons, 20 jerseys and 10 footballs. The department’s health centers and maternities also received equipment to enhance their technical platform, namely 15 hospital beds, 15 mattresses, 05 medical refrigerators, 15 childbirth kits,15 band-aid boxes; 05 baby weighing scales, 05 grpwn-up weighing scales, 15 boxes of minor surgery, 15 delivery tables, 15 gynecological examination tables, 50 Moses baskets and 200 incitement to prenatal consultation kits were provided to health centers and various maternities in the department. School canteens received 1,020 plates, 1,020 spoons, 60 bowls, 200 jugs and 720 cups. The First Lady also offered 15 hand tricycles to Boundiali disabled women. Cosmetics were also offered to the children.

First Lady Dominique Ouattara has not forgotten the little ones. Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie offered on behalf of the First Lady, 03 rice huskers and 03 corn grinders  maize flour and cassava 50 sprayers, pumps 15, 250 100 wheelbarrows and watering cans were offered to cooperatives and women's groups . Donations were also offered for women's centers, health centers and maternity department, the centers of early childhood schools and colleges, school canteens for disabled women and children Dikodougou.

In return, people  also gave gifts to the First Lady. Thus, populations of Boundiali offered a ram, fish, traditional Senufo stools, a mortar, a traditional dress and a bag of rice to the First Lady and the members of her delegation. Dikodougou Women also offered foodstuffs; sénoufo traditional loincloths and guinea fowls to the First Lady and to the members of the delegation.