Closing Ceremony of the CNS/NIC Workshop:

The seminarists submitted their motion of thanks to Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie, Executive Secretary of the NIC.

The curtain dropped on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 in La Riviera Palmeraie on the workshop of capacity recess of social workers. Organized by the National Inspection Committee (CNS) of Actions against trafficking, exploitation and child labor, the workshop was attended by 75 social workers from 34 cities inside the country in addition to Abidjan.
Thus, for two (02) days, the seminarists have improved their understanding of the issue, but also their competences in the fight against the worst forms of child labor.
That is why during the closing ceremony of the seminar, Anne Ouloto Desirée, Vice-Chairperson of the Inter-ministerial Committee, also Minister of Solidarity, Family, Women and Children, taking on behalf of the Minister Moussa Dosso, absent, insisted on encouraging them to engage fully in the eradication of the phenomenon of child labor. "We need to persevere and never give up if we want to push away from our borders abuse and child labor," she exhorted to the seminarists.

Continuing on, she shared her belief that a secure environment and capable of guaranteeing the rights of children would not be achieved without well-trained human resources.
She welcomed the organization of this workshop as well. According to her, it is clear that the impact of this two-day training will be felt on the ground. "The services provided to people and children will be more dynamic and could reduce cases of infringement of their rights," recommended the Minister of Family.

Bada Bernard, Director of the social center of San Pedro went through, during the reading of the final report of the workshop, the participants' recommendations for remediation of the issue.