Fight Against Child Labor

La Première Dame, Dominique Ouattara en compagnie du collectif des artistes contre le travail des enfants
After three (3) years of fierce fighting against child labor phenomenon, the National Oversight Committee for actions against exploitation, trafficking and Child Labor (CNS) meets in a conclave. Thus, this structure chaired by the First Lady Dominique Ouattara organizes from Wednesday 10th to Thursday 11th, December, 2014, in Cocody II Plateaux, a major workshop on the implementation of its 2012-2014 National Action Plan to fight against child labor. The importance of this conclave has also been enhanced by the First Lady Dominique Ouattara, during the opening ceremony of the workshop to the ministries, partners, international and national NGOs involved in the remediation process of the phenomenon.
 "Today, the term of three years we have set is reached, and it behooves us to take stock, to assess the rate of implementation of the National Action Plan, to measure its impact, and take corrective measures where needed, "said Mrs. Dominique Ouattara. According to Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, the adoption of the 2012-2014 National Action Plan against child labor, on 28 March 2012, aimed to significantly reduce the worst forms of child labor in Côte d'Ivoire by the end of 2014. "Indeed, the gravity of the situation called on us and reminded us how pressing it’s necessary to respond the advance of the phenomenon. Faced the scope of the scourge, we’ve decided to respond and, in perfect synergy with all of our partners, "said Mrs. Dominique Ouattara.
Indeed, faced with the urgency and the threat of international sanctions, the National Action Plan against child labor has been the instrument that has enabled the country to work in a coordinated and effective way to stop the scourge of child labor, and so, in the areas of prevention, protection of child victims, and the punishment of traffickers. "All these actions have allowed us to obtain encouraging results and have justified in 2013 and 2014, the reclassification of the country by the US State Department to the rank of countries that are making efforts to eliminate child labor. I remind you that this reclassification in Tier 2 allows Côte d’Ivoire to avoid international sanctions that threatened our cocoa, "she was welcomed.