Fight Against the Worst Forms of Child Labor

84 arrested and 44 individuals under observation in the Nawa Area

After two (02) years of awareness raising campaign, time is the suppression of child traffickers. The National Oversight Committee of Actions Against Trafficking, Exploitation and Child Labor (CNS) and the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) with technical support from the International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO Lyon (ICPO Interpol Lyon requirements) and the financial support of "Childsright" have decided to track down child traffickers. The kick-off of this new phase of the awareness campaign against child labor took place on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 in the Nawa area through a police operation called "Nawa Operation", carried out in a three (03) phases and, including all the security forces in the region. The first step consisted in strengthening the capacity of men in combat uniform, then both (02) last phases consisted in investing this cocoa-producing area to ensnare child traffickers and the exploitation of children. This operation resulted in the arrest of 84 individuals of which 44 placed under in care institutions. There are 3 women among the 44 people in care institutions. This crackdown led to the care for 41 children who were brought to the Soubré orphanage. These will be supported by the Ivorian government and the NGO "Childsright". It’s worth mentioning that out of the 44 people under observation , only a dozen is Ivorian, the majority being from Mali and Burkina Faso.