First Lady Dominique Ouattara meets women’s needs

La Première Dame a offert des couffins aux femmes

A celebration took place on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 at Zouhan-Hounien. The people of that town have massively stormed the grounds of Glileu 1, 2, 3 and 4 primary schools. Dressed in their finest clothes, as demonstration of their gratitude and commitment to the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, for her tireless struggle to improve the living conditions of disadvantage people and the populations. The reason is that, like Kabacouma, Biankouma, Danané and Sipilou, Dominique Ouattara has sent members of her cabinet, to show her solidarity towards her sisters of Zouhan-Hounien and Binhouin. A solidarity shown by large donations of food and non-food items to them. Thus, the First Lady offered six huskers and mills, 30 field pulverizers, 100 watering cans, 400 grinders, 400 machetes, 45 wheelbarrows to cooperatives and group of women in these two localities. Health is a major concern for First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara. Therefore, she has equiped the  health centers and maternity of Zouhan-Hounien and Binhouin. These heath-care facilities received 15 delivery tables and gynaecological examination tables, 25 Moses baskets, and 125 antennal care inciting kits. In the social field, the First Lady offered 2 stoves, 2 freezers and 8 sewing machines. For primary schools, she offered 50 geometric sets, 25 cartons of chalk, two soccer uniforms and two footballs. The First Lady has not forgotten school canteens in the region. She offered 300 plates, 300 spoons, 50 carafes, 10 cans of tomatoes pasta, 25 cartons of pasta, 2 cartons of oil and 35 bags of 50 kg rice to school canteens in the region. And to early childhood centers, the First Lady has offered 30 mats and 100 chairs. In addition, she offered 02 stoves, 02 freezers and 08 sewing machines. In the area of education, 50 geometric sets, 25 cartons of chalk, 02 sports uniforms and 02 footballs have been offered to primary schools. Dominique Ouattara does not stop there, as school canteens have also benefited from her generosity. Indeed, Zouhan-Hounien and Binhouin school canteens received 500 plates, 500 spoon, 100 carafes, 10 cartons of tomato paste, 50 boxes of pasta and 02 cartons of oil. To the orphanages, "the mother of the poor children" gave 50 bags of 50 kg of rice and 25 mattresses. The people have not been indifferent to the First Lady’s gifts. They expressed their commitment by providing members of the delegation of the Office of the First Lady, beautiful Dan loin clothes and food products.