First Lady Dominique Ouattara , told reporters :

The curtain fell this Friday, May 9th, 2014 at CGRAE UEMOA Plateau on the training seminar for journalists and media professionals in the fight against the worst forms of child labor. Organized by the National Oversight for actions against Exploitation , Trafficking and Child Labor (CNS) in collaboration with the Inter-Ministerial Committee (CIM) , the workshop was attended during 48 hours, by hundreds of journalists and media professionals from Abidjan and from within the country. So after two (02) days of discussions and training, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara , President of the CNS , welcomed the commitment of the men and women who work in the media in child labor remediation process.
"Indeed, you always follow a rigorous approach in regard to the processing of information relating to children. Furthermore, your Declaration of Commitment is a strong sign of your commitment and I am very happy about it. With you at our side, we have every reason to believe the outcome of our struggle. With you on our side, the silence on abuse of our children will be broken”, the First Lady welcomed. In addition, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara thanked journalists and media professionals for supporting her in the different stages of her various actions for the benefit of vulnerable populations. "Indeed, whether for the fight against child labor; the mother-child hospital of Bingerville or the Support Fund for of Côte d'Ivoire Women (FAFCI, ed.), you have always responded present to the roll-call. You've always supported us in the different stages of our work with professionalism and efficiency. Receive this day, my infinite gratitude, "she thanked.
Mrs. Bamba Affoussiata Lamine , Minister of Communication congratulated seminarians . "Dear seminarians, by your attendance and the quality of your participation, you've proven that Ivorian readers, listeners and viewers can now count on you to promote a more socially responsible approach to childhood issue and the many problems that are related to it." She revealed that their contribution is indispensable to support the socio- economic recovery policy advocated by President Alassane Ouattara.