First Lady Mrs. Dominique Ouattara after visiting the stands of the Masa:

MASA Madame Dominique aux micros des journalistes
Mrs. The First Lady, you come to visit the Masa village, what are your impressions? 
Mrs. D. O -. First of all, I would like to express all my satisfaction. Indeed, since seven years the Masa (art and African show market, ed.) had not taken place, therefore I wished to show my approval and my joy to see the Masa back, that’s why I came to encourage Mrs. the Minister of Culture and Francophonie (Maurice Kouakou Bandama, ed.), and tell him it was important that the Masa come back. 
Madam, did you like it? 

Mrs. D. O -. I loved it much, I saw wonderful things. I saw a show from Burundi, and it made me happy, because, I know the First Lady of Burundi, and Ivorian artists also and I was very happy. I also visited the exhibitors, I think we should encourage all artists who come from Côte d'Ivoire and Africa.

Madame, what is your message to women on the occasion of the celebration of Women's International Day, on March 8th 

Mrs. D. O -. It is a very important day, March 8th, we will be in Grand-Bassam, alongside our sister Anne Ouloto (Minister of Solidarity, Family, Women and Children, ed.), so I have a message to convey, it should be said that women must support each other.