First Lady shows her compassion to victims’ families



She did not want to stay outside the wave of national solidarity expressed for victimes’ families of the new year's eve tragedy, although she was present alongside the Head of State in the early hours of the tragedy.
Thus, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara wanted to show, on Saturday, January 12th, 2013, all her compassion and solidarity with the 63 families whose relatives died in the tragic stampede on January 1st  in one of the streets of Plateau. Thus, as a woman of faith and although absent from the country, she wanted to pray with these families for the rest of their relatives. To do so, an ecumenical ceremony was held in the parking of the Hotel du District, in the presence of all the bereaved families, for the rest of the souls of people snatched from their familes’ affection. In addition, the First Lady gave significant donations of food to families to help cover the expenses related to funeral arrangements. According to the wishes of the First Lady, these gifts were distributed to the bereaved families according to the number of deceased persons. There are 10 bags of 50 kgs of rice or half a ton for every deceased, 05 cartons of oil bottles, 05 boxes can tomatoes, 20 bags of 5 kg pasta, 02 bags of 25 kgs of sugar, 05 cartons of soap, 07 cartons of biscuits, 02 bags of salt of 25 kg that have been offered to victims’ relatives to wipe their tears.