Kong :

La Première Dame, Mme Dominique Ouattara a offert des dons d'une valeur de 119 millions de F CFA aux populations de Kong

Out of sight. But so close to the heart. First Lady Dominique Ouattara has translated this adage in practice on Friday, July 5th, 2013, to the people of Kong, the birthplace of President Alassane Ouattara. Indeed, in conjunction with President Alassane Ouattara’s visit to the people of his hometown, the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara did not skimp on how to etched this stage in the memory of Kongas. Thus, the First Lady wanted to show her love and commitment to the people of this city, making donations of a total value of 119 million CFA francs. The urban health center of the city hosted the ceremony.

 So Mrs. Dominique Ouattara offered 07 rice hullers and 01 maize and cassava mill; 02 shellers, 100 sprayers, 20 motor pumps, 500 sprinklers, 300 wheelbarrows, 1000 machetes, 1000 files, 500 gardeners kits; 05 tarpaulin shelters, and 500 chairs to various cooperatives and women's groups in Kong. In the social field, she offered 02 hairdressing equipment, 04, 04 cookers, 04 freezers, 20 sewing machines, 10 hairdrissing helmets to the women of the city. In the field of education, she also offered 02 desktops, 02 printers, 02 computer tables, 500 geometric sets, 50 boxes of pencils, 15 jerseys, 05 footballs, 25 rakes, 50 wheelbarrows; 50 brooms, 100 machetes and 100 files to the primary and secondary schools of the Department of Kong. In addition, the First Lady offered many games to the kindergartens, socio-educational insitutes and orphanages of the department. School canteens have not been forgotten. Indeed, she offered 1,000 plates, 1,000 spoons, 1,000 cups, 100 bowls and carafes to the different canteens of the department. In the area of ​​health, the Lady with the big heart gave 20 electric hospital beds, 20 mattresses, 04 medical refrigerators, 15 boxes for childbirth, 15 dressing boxes, 15 boxes of small surgeries, 10 delivery tables, 10 gynecological examination tables, 40 Moses baskets and 300 inciting ANC kits.