Korhogo / Supporting children at risk:

Mme Dominique Ouattara, Présidente de Children Of Africa a invité les enfants au courage et au travail

She retraces 11 years later her footsteps. In May 2002, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara had visited, in the framework of the activities of Children Of Africa Foundation, the small residents of the National Association for Assistance to Children in Danger (ANAED) Korhogo. On this occasion, she offered many gifts for the toddlers of that center. 11 years later, she is back. And just like then, she returned the hands full of gifts for the children of the center. Indeed, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara provided hope again, in a ceremony cruise, to the children of ANAED and associations involved. Thus, she has provided food and non-food items to the residents of the center. In the field of education, the mother of poor children gave supplies for the toddlers. Also, in order to help them emancipate  themselves through educational games, she offered sports sets, footballs, playing cards, Awalé and Ludo games. Aware that a child can only develop harmoniously if basic needs are taken care of, she offered food to the center toddlers, namely bags of rice, bags of pasta, boxes of oil, cartons of tomato pasta, one place sheets with covers, bleach boxes, soap cartons and soap powder cartons. In addition to these in-kind donations, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara has offered $ 5 million CFA francs to the associations to help children at risk in the city of Korhogo. Specifically, she has offered $ 2 million CFA francs to ANAED, and 3 million CFA francs, to Don Orione associations, St. Camille, Solidarity Social Action Centre; Wopilé Sanga (Let’s help children) and the Regional Coordination of Associations of Persons with Disabilities. A financial windfall that will allow these structures to find a second breath after the crisis the country went through. Moreover, the children did not denied themselves their pleasure. They have played. And that, along with the founder of Children Of Africa and personalities that have made the trip. In perfect communion with the Bouldegums clowns, the children enjoyed their favorite games under the watchful eye of Mom Dominique Ouattara.