After the ceremony celebrating the medalists athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro at the Biaka Boda Gagnoa, First Lady Dominique Ouattara insisted on accompanying Gbagbi Ruth, in Friday afternoon, October 7, 2016, to Kpapékou, her native village in the sub-prefecture of Ouragahio. It's a huge crowd that stormed the stadium next to the cultural center of the town to celebrate the return of the heroine of Rio de Janeiro and to commune with their illustrious guest.
As usual, the spouse of the head of state held to mark her passage in Kpapékou. To this end, she offered donations in cash and kind worth 46 million CFA francs. These gifts consist of facilities for women's groups and cooperatives, food for the population and school meals, materials, kits and school supplies for the schools in Kpapékou and medical equipment for the clinic of town. The value of these donations in kind: 40 million CFA francs. In addition to these donations, the host of Kpapékou also offered $ 6 million CFA francs to the populations.
Touched by such generosity, the population of that locality decided by the voice of the Minister of Water and Forest, Louis-André Dakouri Tabley, a native of the village, to raise their host to the rank of First Lady of Kpapékou. Furthermore, on behalf of his parents, Minister Dakouri Tabley expressed the wish to assign the name of their guest to the new clinic under construction. A claim accepted by the First Lady Dominique Ouattara who took the opportunity to congratulate Ruth Gbagbi's parents to have instilled the values of courage and perseverance in their daughter. "I also congratulate you, dear parents, for the values of courage and perseverance that you have instilled in your daughter. Despite her young age, Ruth is now part of the history of her country, and that's largely thanks to you, "she thanked.
Louis-André Dakouri Tabley, Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry and Chair of the steering committee of the celebration ceremony of the heroes of Rio de Janeiro, with a hint of emotion speech, paid tribute to the athletes of Rio. He also welcomed the support of the First Lady and the many personalities who have made the trip from Abidjan.
During this ceremony, Gbagbi Ruth's parents made him pass the "Djêzê" ritual. This ritual in Bété country praises the courage of a warrior who returns victorious from war. Let’s note that the population of Kpapékou offered many gifts to their distinguished guest.