The health situation is not enviable in the Marahoué region. If in Bouaflé (284 km northwest of Abidjan), the general hospital lacks an ambulance, the department of Zuénoula (63 km north of Bouafle) literally under drip. A failure of equipment which must also be added the absence of an ambulance. This large production area (annuity products such as food) is regularly approached by many patients without any suitable response to their sickness. Having seen the "distress" of these populations, the First Lady of Côte d’Ivoire, Dominique Ouattara, dispatched on site Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, one of her many delegations cruising Ivorian towns. Mrs. Lafo, spokesman women Zuénoula depicted the situation. "Women need help to take care of themselves. They also need the village roads to be reshaped so that they carry their products to the trading areas, "she said before echoing the health officials’ needs of the department.

In fact, from January to September 2015, 197 surgical procedures have been performed on women giving birth (specifically caesarean sections, ed.) N'Da Nadia, Deputy Chief of Staff to Dominique Ouattara and Head of a delegation to Zuénoula offered a new ambulance, important hospital stores and other gifts in agriculture, trade, sewing, hairdressing, education of over one hundred (100) million CFA francs. Long before the same day, the representative of Dominique Ouattara, made similar donations one hundred and forty-five (145) million CFA francs in addition to more than one hundred (100) million francs for the Support Fund for Côte d’Ivoire Women (FAFCI), tat he Esplanade of the Henri Konan Bédié cultural center of Bouaflé.

The populations of these departments, N'Da Nadia left a clear message from her boss. "Dominique Ouattara forges no one. Donations should actually go to the beneficiaries. She means it. Also make good use of these gifts so that they allow you to be independent. " As for Mrs. Hortense Aka Walemin and Niamkey Basile respectively Secretary General of the Prefecture of Bouafle and Prefect of Zuénoula, promised to ensure an equitable and just distribution of the donations before expressing their gratitude to Dominique Ouattara who brings real relief in their respective locality.