Marie-Ange Ouloto’s Death

Dominique Ouattara présente les condoléances du couple présidentiel

The presidential couple could not remain unmoved by the   pain suffered by the family of Ouloto. Thus, further to the passing away of the younger sister of Mrs Anne Désirée Ouloto, Minister of Solidarity, Family, Women and Children, the First Lady, Dominique Ouattara presented the condolences of the presidential couple. So, accompanied by Maurice Kouakou Bandama, Minister of Culture and the Francophony,  Mrs  Virginie Aya Touré, President of the Rally of the Republican Women (RFR), Mrs Amy Toungara, the Deputy of Treichville and by her assistants,  Mrs Dominique Ouattara went, on Tuesday 04, Juin 2014,  to Mrs Anne Ouloto’s home. Before the head of Ouloto’s family, Colonel Ouloto Victor; Mrs Anne Désirée Ouloto and her sisters, the First Lady expressed all the pain affecting the presidential couple following the passing away of Marie-Ange Ouloto.  A pain eloquently expressed by Mrs Dominique Ouattara, in the following terms, in the condolences book: «The President of the Republic and myself learned with much sadness the passing away of the our dear Marie-Ange. Our condolences to all the Ouloto family and particularly to her father, Colonel Ouloto. May her soul rest in eternal peace».  According to custom, in Africa, the presidential couple wished to assist the Ouloto family in organizing the funerals. Thus, in the name of President Alassane Ouattara, Mrs Dominique Ouattara offered Francs CFA five million (F CFA 5.000.000) to the family of Ouloto.