Mother’s Day

Une communion totale entre la Fondatrice de Children Of Africa et les femmes d'Odienné

Two weeks after the official celebration of mothers’s day, Children of Africa Foundation celebrated on Saturday, June 15th, 2013 at the stadium El Hadj Mamadou Coulibaly of Odienné, the  women of Denguelé. For exceptional events, exceptional situations. An exceptional mobilization as well. Women, from all the 21 sub-prefectures of the region, stormed the sports complex to share the same feelings as Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, President and Foundress of Children of Africa. More than 60 tarpaulin have been mobilized for the event to contain the human flood that spilled on that stadium. In addition, thirty traditional dances have been mobilized for it in order to give a solemn touch to the party. And as habits deep-seated, even more than 800 kilometers from Abidjan, the foundress of Children of Africa has not made the trip to the District of Denguelé empty handed. So, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara offered on behalf of her foundation, donations in kind and cash valued at 171 million CFA Francs. In fact, it’s nearly 21 million CFA Francs cash that Mrs. Dominique Ouattara offered to women and all the populations of Odienné.  But not wanting to stop in full flow, Dominique Ouattara offered, in addition to the cash donations, in-kind donations valued at 150 million CFA Francs , to the populations. In other words, she offered 10 tons of rice to the people. To the cooperatives and women's group, she offered 25 mills, 300 sprayers, 1000 machetes, 1000 files, 1000 watering cans, 200 wheelbarrows, 20 electric sewing machines and 05 freezers. In the area of ​​health, the founder of Children of Africa offered an ambulance to Odienné’s Regional Hospital (CHR). She also offered a dental chair with treatment Unit, 15delivery tables, 15 gynecological examination tables, 50 Moses baskets and 325 inciting ANC kits. To the women with physical disabilities, she offered 15 tricycles.