On the sidelines of TICAD VI

After the seminar on maternal and child health in Africa, the spouses of the Heads of State present at the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, visited on the morning of Sunday, August 28th 2016, in Nairobi, the "The David Sheldrick Wildlife” National Park.
In this forest located in the city stretching to the horizon, lies a unique wildlife heritage. Elephants, rhinos, ostriches and other exotic animals live in this green paradise, away from the Nairobi noise. For most, these have become animals increasingly rare on the African continent.
The wives of the Heads of State in a maternal gesture, took part in the supply of calves. At the whistle of their masters, the elephants appeared in line to take their "baby bottles". Moments of great tenderness that these ladies will not forget soon.
The First Lady of Côte d'Ivoire, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, has agreed to adopt a 9 months baby elephant named Jotto.
An ostrich with beautiful coat mingling with the elephants had not either, missed affection. Having provided care to the elephants, the distinguished guests visited a rhinoceros in a remote enclosure.
After the animal park, the First Ladies finished the tour in a semi-industrial pottery unit and other handicrafts called "Kazuri". The wives of the Heads of State have been able to appreciate in full contact the craftsmanship of Kenya men and women. It was possible for them to enjoy the meticulous work and the impeccable finishing that gives their colors to products: necklaces, earrings, baskets and other decorative products bearing the signature of the uniqueness of this beautiful country.
"I particularly enjoyed the stay in Kenya I’m visiting for the first time at the invitation of my sister, the First Lady of Kenya, Mrs Margaret Kenyatta. We visited the national park where we fed the elephants. And I also adopted a little elephant called Jotto, 9 months. In addition, we visited the factory "Kazuri" where we enjoyed a wonderful job and jewelry made entirely by hand, "Mrs. Dominique Ouattara said at the end of the visit.