Ouangolodougou and Sinématiali:

Une vue des dons offerts aux populations de Ouangolodougou

The Departments of  Ouangolodougou and Sinématiali broke the record of mobilization. The delegation of the Office of the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, led by Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie could note, on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013, during her visit in these two areas, the mobilization of feast days. Women, dressed in their best clothes were keen to pay tribute of the most deserving to First Lady Dominique Ouattara for her charity work for the poor. Thus, in Ouangolodougou more than sixty women's association and traditional dance groups filed through the street past the prefecture of the locality, to the delight of their guests. Each of these women's groups brought food items to the First Lady to express their gratitude and appreciation for her many gifts to the people. In Sinématiali a human fence welcomed the delegation right at the entrance to the young’s hostel of the city. Moreover, the security forces present had difficulty maintaining the enthusiasm of the people who came out massively to listen to the message from the emissary of the First Lady, Mrs. Patricia Yao Sylvie. And as each of the previous stages, it’s with hands literally full of gifts the delegation of the Office of the First Lady made the trip to Ouangolodougou and Sinématiali. Thus, on behalf of the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, she offered farm equipment for women's cooperatives; healthcare facilities for the health center and the maternity, geometric sets for the two schools of the city; biomedical equipment to strengthen the technical level of health centers and the maternities of two towns; equipment for women's centers and games for the kindergartens. Singularly, the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, offered 05 rice and corn hulling machines and 05 corn and cassava flour grinders, 50 sprayers, 20 motorpumps, 100 wheelbarrows and 250 watering cans to women's groups and cooperatives in Ouangolodougou in order to help them support themselves.