Ramadan 2015:

La Première Dame, Dominique Ouattara apporte son soutien à la communauté musulmane

Like previous years, the First Lady Dominique Ouattara wanted to manifest her solidarity for the Muslim community on the occasion of the Ramadan 2015. So she offered donations in kind valued over CFA francs 30 million to the members of the Muslim community in Côte d’Ivoire. These gifts consist of rice bags, milk cartons, cartons of sugar and oil were offered at a ceremony held on Saturday, July 4, 2015 in Cocody, in the Office of the First Lady.

 Bakari Konaté, a representative of the First Lady, also CFO of the Cabinet expressed the regrets of Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, now out of the country. "The First Lady regrets for not having been able to be present in person to express her support and consideration during this fasting month," he argued.

The representative of the wife of the Head of State has also reminded people the generosity of the First Lady. "Each of you knows the involvement of the First Lady in supporting vulnerable people. This show of solidarity expresses the love of the neighbor, compassion and generosity values ​​that are dear in the heart of the one we affectionately call "Mom Dominique '" reminded Bakari Konaté.

Finally, on behalf of the First Lady, Bakari Konaté didn’t only thanked the Muslim associations and NGOs for their "support work" for vulnerable populations, but also the religious leaders for their actions and presence. "She also thanks especially the religious leaders present here, first of all for the spiritual guidance of the Muslim community in Côte d'Ivoire; and then for the self-giving they show towards the believers and their families. Thank you for turning out in large number to our appeal, "said Mrs. Dominique Ouattara’s representative.

En retour, l’Imam Bredji Ibrahim, porte-parole des bénéficiaires, a remercié, le couple présidentiel et plus particulièrement la Première Dame pour cet élan de générosité, et aussi, pour avoir facilité le rassemblement de la communauté musulmane de Côte d’Ivoire en ce mois béni.  « Nous voulons dire merci à Maman Dominique. En effet, c’est grâce à elle que nous sommes rassemblés en ce jour », a déclaré l’Imam Bredji Ibrahim.

In return, Imam Bredji Ibrahim, spokesman of the beneficiaries, thanked the presidential couple and especially the First Lady for this wave of generosity, and also for facilitating the gathering of the Muslim community in Côte d’Ivoire in this blessed month. "We want to say thank you to Mom Dominique. Indeed, it is thanks to her that we gather on this day, "said Imam Ibrahim Bredji.

The spokesman of the beneficiaries finally say blessings for the First Lady.

Islamic songs and sermons marked the ceremony.