Social action:

La Première Dame, Mme Dominique Ouattara a offert des fauteuils roulants et des tricycles aux personnes handicapées de la localité

The First Lady Dominique Ouattara offered many gifts to the populations of Guibéroua

Invited as godmother of the official launching ceremony of the NGO "Vivre Bien" (Living Well) by Colette Pellaud at the Foyer Polyvalent of Guibéroua, the First Lady has not made ​​the trip to Guibéroua empty handed. Also represented at the ceremony by her advisor, Chantal Poaty, she wanted to give support to her brothers and sisters of this city. Thus, the First Lady offered 05 delivery tables, 05 gynecological examination tables, 05 baby scales, 25 and 100 baskets and 100 toolkits for incentive to prenatal care at the various maternity hospitals. Concerned about the well-being of very young, the mother of the poor children brought 04 toboggans, 04 swings, 100 plastic chairs and 50 mats to the nursery of the locality. In addition, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara offered 05 tricycles and 10 wheelchairs to the disabled. For cooperatives and women trade associations of the city, there are 100 wheelbarrows and 200 watering cans she offered so as to allow women to take charge of themselves. The First Lady has also rewarded the populations with many victuals. So, she granted 100 bags of 50 kg of rice, 25 boxes of oil, 100 boxes of pasta, 25 boxes of cans of concentrated tomato paste and 25 cartons of soap pieces. The value of these donations of food and non-food items: 15 million FCFA. Moreover, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara insisted on to providing support to the NGO "Vivre bien." So, she offered the sum of one million CFA francs to the organization.