State visit in the Agneby-Tiassa

"This is the year of my year! ". This chorus of a famous song that’s on every lips these recent years in Côte d'Ivoire was taken in chorus this Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, in the at the Prefecture of Agboville, by the population of that department. And this for good reason: ahead of the state visit in the Agnéby-Tiassa, on the forthcoming May 4th, the First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara has offered large donations of various kind valued at 250 million CFA francs to the populations of that department.
FAFCI: 150 million CFA francs for the women
Thus, under the Support Fund for the Women of Côte d'Ivoire (FAFCI), the First Lady has invested the sum of CFA francs 90 million in addition to the initial CFA F 60 million filed deposit at the COOPEC of Agboville. Today the overall value of FAFCI in Agboville is 150 million CFA francs. It’s a financial manna windfall that will allow thousands of women to undertake income-generating activities. Is it a sign of fate or a mere coincidence is that these gifts come one year after the memorable ceremony organized on Mother's Day last May 14, 2014 by Mrs. Dominique Ouattara in Agboville; a ceremony during which the First Lady offered donations in cash and kind worth CFA francs 100 million.
She had on that occasion announced the upcoming arrival of the head of state in this department as part of a state visit. It is now a certainty since the first Ivorian was announced Monday, on next May 4 to Agboville. But well before the arrival of President Alassane Ouattara in the Abbey land, the First Lady, as usual wanted to let her heart speak, witnessing her solidarity to the people of this region. Thus she offered equipment and agricultural machinery to the cooperatives and women's groups, to restaurant and shop owners, hairdressers and seamstresses. Mrs. Dominique Ouattara has not forgotten the youth. Indeed, she offered mototricycles; boots; machetes; limes; football jersey sets and footballs. In the social area, she proceeded to the equipment of women's and social centers of the department. Education has not been forgotten. 
For the First Lady offered educational materials, maintenance equipment, sports equipment and games to primary, secondary and to the maternity department. School canteens have received plates; spoons; cups; decanters and other equipment to enable children to eat at school. In the area of health, the First Lady offered an ambulance to the sub-prefecture of Guéssiguié and has strengthened the technical equipment of the health centers of the department. Finally, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara has offered manual tricycles; pairs of English crutches, and white canes for the blind disabled people.