Support for Cancer Patients


As part of the partnership between Children Of Africa Foundation and the Lalla Salma Foundation, Princess Lalla Salma will build a “House of Life” for cancer patients within the Bingerville Mother-Child Hospital. 
To get a clear idea of ​​this future building and its functioning, the First Lady, Founding President- of Children Of Africa, visited the "House of Life" of Fez  on  Thursday 11 May afternoon in company Of Mrs. Ilham Jamai of  Lalla Salma Foundation. During one hour, Prof. Ait Taleb Khalid, General Director of Hassan II University Teaching Hospital of Fes, has shown this temporary and pleasant accommodation space to us. It is designed to encourage patients to continue their treatment.
“Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco has recognized patients” concerned for therapeutic observance. Patients were unable to complete their treatment because they were facing social difficulties. The idea has thus come to create a space that will make it possible to treat them psychologically, in the sense that we will trivialize the disease because the remedies exist, and at the same time, we will be able to retain them for a better observance. We have thus been inspired by the experiences of Rabat and Casablanca’s houses of life. The one in Fes has embellished the panorama of Houses of life.
Inaugurated in June 2012, '' The House of Life '' of Fez is located within  Hassan II  University Teaching Hospital compound of Fez nearby the oncology center. It has 24 rooms with 2 beds, a living room, a resting room, a kitchen, a refectory, an office space, a multipurpose room and a garden. Patients with limited resources are given admission priority.
The First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, expressed her great satisfaction and paid tribute to her Royal Highness Lalla Salma and her foundation. The Founding President of Children Of Africa has promised to adapt the "House of Life" of the Mother-Child Hospital of Bingerville to the African realities. "I came to visit the House of Life of Fez which was imagined and built by her Highness Lalla Salma.
I was amazed not only by the design, the good atmosphere, but also, the magnificent maintenance of the premises. I would therefore like to congratulate all the staff and also the foundation. This visit was important because the Princess gives us the pleasure and the honor to build the same type of House of Life within the compound of the Mother-Child Hospital of Bingerville which will soon open its doors. It was important to see how to adapt this House of Life to African realities, "said the First Lady. In a few months, there will be something new at the Mother-Child Hospital. The technical studies in the closure phase predict that the work will begin soon.