Tengrela and Kouto:

La Première Dame a offert de nombreux dons aux populations de Tengrela

After M'Bengué, the delegation of the Office of the First Lady headed, Saturday, June 22nd, 2013, to Tengrela and Kouto. Like in M'Bengué, it brought Mrs. Dominique Ouattara’s comfort and support to the people of these two communities. Historic moments that these people wanted to mark a milestone. The reason is that the First Lady offered many donations to women and children in these cities in particular and to the populations, in general. From all the localities, they wanted to express their gratitude to the First Lady’s emissaries through gifts and dances. Thus, people stormed early instead "Keninbani" public place in Tengrela or or the esplanade of Kouto, to listen the First Lady’s the message. A message of hope which content is characterized by an active and human face solidarity. So, faithful to her reputation of kind-hearted Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara offered 05 shellers, 05 corn flour and cassava grinders, 50 sprayers, 20 motorpumps, 300 watering cans, 200 wheelbarrows to Tengrela women's cooperatives and groups. In short, everything necessary to support themselves. Then she offered 03 stoves, 03 freezers and 20 sewing machines to women's centers of the city. In the area of ​​health, she offered an ambulance, 15 hospital beds, 15 mattresses, 05 medical refrigerators, 15 childbirth kit, 15 dressing box; 05 baby weighing scales; 05 grown-up weighing scales, 15 boxes for minor surgery , 15 delivery tables; 15 gynecological examination tables, 50 Moses Baskets and 200 incentive kits for antenatal care to various health centers of the department. The First Lady also offered donations to school canteens; cosmetics for children, tricycles for the disabled.