The American Hospital of Paris and the Mother and Child’s Hospital of Bingerville

In Côte d’Ivoire, as part of the 2019 Africa Health Exhibition held from February 7 to 9, a delegation of the American Hospital of Paris had a meeting, on Saturday, February 09, 2019, with Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, First Lady and President of Children of Africa Foundation.

The delegation of the American Hospital of Paris led by Mr. Olivier Bosc, Vice president in charge of Development, also included Mrs. Deborah Peixoto, Head of Partnerships, Dr. Romano Stephane, Head of the Orthopedics Department and Mrs. Dominique Victor- Pujebet, development manager.

It was the opportunity for the delegation to explore the partnership opportunities between their institution and the Mother-Child Hospital of Bingerville.

The President of Children of Africa Foundation and her hosts have shown great interest in a possible collaboration between the American Hospital of Paris and the Bingerville Children’s Hospital, which will focus on sharing experiences. After the meeting which lasted about thirty minutes, Mr. Olivier Bosc, Vice President in charge of development and head of the delegation kindly raised a corner of sail on the reason of their visit.

“We were honored to have been received by the First Lady. We came to discuss and explore partnership ideas with Côte d’Ivoire. We have in the American hospital well qualified doctors, a good experience in terms of hospitality and also a French and American certification, conducive to quality and safety. We are here to present partnership ideas to the First Lady. She also suggested many partnership ideas to work with the Mother and Child Hospital in Bingerville. We have taken into account the First Lady’s comments. We will work towards developing a partnership as soon as possible. It is the will of the First Lady and it is also ours. So we will work hard to make this partnership happen, “said Olivier Bosc. This new partnership will certainly ensure better care for mothers and children at the Bingerville Mother and Child Hospital.