To help children

Children of Africa Foundation

-in the main capitals of the continent, where they are more commonly called “street children”. These children who have no home or family, are reduced to wandering day and night in the streets where begging remains their only means of survival,

or in villages in disadvantaged areas, where basic preventive medical care is sorely lacking.

Several centers of life have been created and monitored by the Foundation in which these abandoned children of their families are now cared for, educated and looked after daily.

Several projects in the educational, school and medical fields have thus been realized.

The Children of Africa Foundation has defined its main lines of action on a sectoral basis: Social Sector, Educational Sector, Health Sector and Subsidized Centers. Thus any action, whether ad hoc or permanent, is carried out within the framework of one of these four sectors.

To date, the foundation has intervened in several countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Republic of Central Africa, Senegal and Togo.

It plans to leverage successful experiences in a larger number of African countries.

The foundation pays particular attention to actions affecting the most vulnerable children and young people in difficulty, namely:

children and young people with family or social breakdown,

– children and young people living in precarious conditions, both in the peri-urban areas of large cities and in disadvantaged rural areas,

-the child and the mother in the health centers,

– girls deprived of school education

The foundation also supports people in their community development initiatives.

Dominique OUATTARA