My speech at the Donation ceremony for families living in nearby cities of Abidjan to fight against covid-19

Mrs Dominique Ouattara, President of the Children Of Africa Foundation, on the fight against Covid-19 :  «Values such as solidarity and sharing will allow us to remain united »

 Mrs. Dominique Ouattara, President of the Children Of Africa Foundation has offered food and health products worth 210 million F CFA to 6,000 poor families in the cities of Dabou, Jacqueville, Azaguié, Grand-Bassam, Bonoua and Assinie.  The donations were made during a ceremony held at the main office of the  Children Of Africa Foundation on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear brothers and sisters,

 Two weeks ago, in this very room, I received mayors, community leaders and religious leaders representing the community of the 13 areas of the district of Abidjan, as part of the support provided to the populations affected by the coronavirus.

Today we have decided to continue providing assistance to cities nearby Abidjan, namely, Grand-Bassam, Dabou, Jacqueville, Bonoua, Azaguié and Assinie.

Our country in fact has registered 654 infected patients, 6 deaths and 146 patients recovered.

I would like to express my deepest sympathies and compassion to the families who lost their loved ones and I wish a speedy recovery  to those who are still at the hospital.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we have seen, covid 19 has affected several people around the world, regardless of the political affiliation, religion, or social status.

It is a serious disease that threatens all of us. We therefore need to show discipline and civic-mindedness to be able to halt it.

It is worthwhile to recall that we must comply with the following prevention measures adopted by the authorities, namely:

  • Wash your hand frequently with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel;
  • Avoid crowds, maintain a distance of one meter ;
  • And wear a mask.

Because of covid 19 many people are to stay at home  when others are  forced to suspend their occupations.

The crisis is felt more severely in Abidjan and nearby cities where people are now in quarantine and affected by the preventive measures taken by the Government.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear brothers and sisters,

 The crisis has also hit the poorest of the community especially hard.

That is why, after the donation of 200 million CFA francs I made to the  people of the district of Abidjan, I would like today to offer food and health products to the nearby cities of Abidjan, namely: Grand-Bassam, Dabou, Jacqueville, Bonoua, Azaguié and Assinie.

This brings the total donations value to 210 millions F CFA.

Ladies and gentlemen,

 This epidemic has reached such a proportion that values such as solidarity and sharing are necessary  to remain united despite the social distancing measures that we observe.

I therefore encourage you all to make donation in order to save lives.  

 I now take this opportunity to once again congratulate the entire Government and the National Security Committee, which have taken important health and social measures for the population and support measures for the health personnel. I particularly commend the health personnel  for their commitment during this difficult period.

My congratulations also go to people of good will for their help and support.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would now like to extend my sincere congratulations to Mrs Mariatou KONE, Minister of Solidarity, Social Cohesion and the Fight against Poverty, for the amaizing work she does on a daily basis to help the most deprived populations.

I would also like to extend my greetings and thank the Prefects and Sub-Prefects as well as the Members of Parliament and the Mayors of Grand-Bassam, Dabou, Jacqueville, Bonoua, Azaguié and Assinie.

I would like to thank all the personalities and elected officials as well as our defense and security forces for their contribution to halt the pandemic in our country.

Finally, I would like to particularly thank our generous donors. They are always at our side in all circumstances and their support has never failed us.

Since 1998, they enable us  to help vulnerable communities.

Thank you so much.

Dear brothers and sisters,

 To conclude, I urge you all  to comply with  the barrier measures and ask you to pray for an end to this pandemic as soon as possible.

May God keep you safe.

Thank you.

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