At 2014 mother’s day in Agboville

My Dear Sisters,
It is with great pleasure I meet you once again on the occasion of Mother’s Day, as many as enthusiastic you are.Today, you reserved me a warm welcome which warms my heart. Thank you.
My younger brother, President Guillaume Soro had announced you my arrival, and he told me you were impatiently waiting for me. I realize that it is true and I wanted to tell you that I was also very excited to meet you.
This year, I wished to celebrate this day specially dedicated to moms with you, my sisters of Agboville, to show you all my affection.
But above all, I would like to convey to you the greetings of my dear husband, President Alassane Ouattara. Your brother thinks a lot of you.
He asked me to kiss you warmly and wish you a happy Mother’s Day.
My personal greetings go to all my sisters Ministers and to the wives of Ministers who made us the friendship to be with us today.
I also greet the administrative and political authorities of Agboville who spared no effort for the success of this feast.
My special greetings go to the Prefect of the Agnéby-Tiassa; to Mr. President of the Regional Council; to the Mayor of Agboville, and Mr. the MP Adama Bictogo.
Thank you all dear brothers and sisters for the beautiful mobilization of this day, and for those warm moments that I particularly appreciate.
I also thank our religious and traditional leaders present today, and accompany us with their prayers and blessings.
Dear Sisters,
You have always shown great affection for your brother, President Alassane Ouattara and myself. Just like today, you have always had much kindness and warmth words for us and I would like to thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
As you know, Mother’s Day is a special time during which women in general and particularly moms are the subject of all attention. It is a day where they are honored for giving life. They are thanked for their love, kindness, courage andall the countless sacrifices they make for their children’s and their families’ happiness.
And it could properly be said that they deserve to be honored because we know to what extent a mom is the essential link for the balanced growth of a child, a family and a nation.
That is why, Dear Mothers of Côte d’Ivoire, and especially Dear Mothers of Agboville, I would like to pay heartfelt tribute to you, and ask the audience presents here to applaud you loudly.
Dear sisters of Agboville,
Mother’s Day gives me the pleasant opportunity to tell you how I appreciate very much the remarkable work you do every day.
You fight with the limited resources you have to support your family with dynamism and courage. You brave the challenges the difficulties and never complaining, and never get discouraged, with sheer determination to ensure that your children are always happy.
From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank you.
My Dear Sisters, as you know, I created the Support Fund for Côte d’Ivoire Women, the FAFCI.
Indeed, this is a fund that allows women to pursue income-generating activities with a credit at very low interest rates, without deposit or processing fee.
For you, my sisters of Agboville, we have 50 million CFA Francs at your disposal for a first block of the FAFCI. You can go tomorrow to the COOPEC to benefit from it.
On this special day dedicated to all mothers, I brought you 5000 loincloths, some food, hairdressing and sewing equipment for our cooperatives as well as equipment for Agboville women center.
I also brought donations for our sisters who are currently hospitalized, and I wish we had a thought for all the moms who have just given birth. We will also go to wish them a happy Mother’s Day to the maternity hospital in the coming minutes.
To all of you dear sisters,
I’d like to wish you an excellent Mother’s Day to you all and tell you that Alassane and myself will always be there for you.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.


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