Christmas Tree at the Presidential palace


Dear Children,

I am very happy to see you today, as every year, on the eve of the Christmas party for the traditional Christmas Tree of Children of Africa Foundation.

I would first of all say how much you missed me my dear children; and your dad, President Alassane Ouattara. He asked me to HUG you very lovely.

I would also like to greet all parents and personalities involved in this great festival in honor of the children, and I thank them for being with us.

Dear Children,

You know, the celebration of Christmas is a time of the year that I love. This is an opportunity for me to spend time with you, and please you by offering you many gifts. This is a real moment of joy, renewed every year on this occasion.

The Christmas Tree of the Foundation is also an important moment of meeting, during which children from across Abidjan and some cities in the interior of the country come together to live together the magic of Christmas. During this unique moment, the Presidential Palace is opened for 3000 children, who come to spend a wonderful time.

This year, I receive you here in a magical setting, planted in the beautiful garden of the Presidential Palace.

I wish that you make the most of it, and at the end, you go back home happy, with lots of pleasant memories and new friends.

This year we welcome children from the following organizations:

– International Catholic Child Bureau

– The Children of the Cathedral

– The godchildren of the Riviera Mosque

– The SOS Abobo and Aboisso

– The Orphanage of Grand Bassam

– The Orphanage of Bingerville

– The SERVIR Foundation

– The Hut of Children

– The International NGO LIMANYA

– The Collective for Côte d’Ivoire widows and children

– The NGO “La Bulle De Moello”

– The Association DIA

– The NGO Happy Childhood

– The Orphanage “La Maison du Potier”

– The NGO “The Voice of the Heart”

– The NGO MAYA Children and Environment

– The NGO 3Oreille Attentive3

– Social Centre of the City of Dabou

– And The Association Of Agban Village Children deprived

We also have with us:

– Children from partner companies

– the Children of Ministries

– The children of the District Mayor of Abidjan

– Children of the Presidency

– The children of our friends of the press

I also wish to send a special mention for children from Dabou who are this year, the guests of honor of the Christmas Tree of the Foundation.

I am very happy to have you with us kids.

Moreover, children who participated in the drawing competition launched on Radio Nostalgie on “Draw me a beautiful garden,” are with us today. I congratulate them for their stunning designs we have sent. You are very talented children, congratulations!

You can applaud them loudly.

Dear Children,

As I said earlier, you are in total 3000 having had the opportunity to be here today, to enjoy all the wonderful activities we have prepared for you, games with the clowns; performances of your favorite artists; good snacks and sandwiches, with our partners the “Laughing Cow” and ” Coffee-Cocoa Board” to regain strength; Thus, all the presents that Santa Claus has brought you.

To my dear little ones who could not be present among us, and for the children in hinterland of the country, we, like every year, prepared Christmas trees extended to all regions of Côte d’Ivoire. More than 12,000 children will benefit and have a nice Christmas.

Dear Guests,

I would like to close my remarks by thanking our valued donors, and volunteers of the Foundation,

who support our work every year, and contribute to the organization of this beautiful Christmas party for the children of Ivory Coast.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and very happy holiday season.

Thank you.

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