Delivery of the gift and fafci checks to the women


Friday, September 18, 2015

My Dear Sisters,

It is with great joy I meet you today on the occasion of the donation ceremony and FAFCI check delivery to my sisters of Abengourou.

I am happy to see you agin, after my last visit to your beautiful city last January.

Even today I am touched to see that you came many, from the entire Indénié region, to show your support. Thank you for your warm welcome.

I am especially happy to the extent that, Dear sisters, President Alassane Ouattara, my dear husband, makes us the honor of being with us this afternoon, to encourage us in our action. Thank you dear, for granting us your precious time.

I also welcome the distinguished presence of my younger brother, the President of the National Assembly Mr. Guillaume SORO, as well as that of the Prime Minister, Mr Daniel Kablan DUNCAN; and all members of the Government and their close associates.

La présence du Président  de la République  à   ce  rassemblement  du FAFCI  à  Abengourou, témoigne  de  son appui indéfectible  à  notre  cause, et de la foi qu’il place en les femmes de notre pays.

Also thank you to the Grand Chancellor, Madame Henriette DIABATE, our lovely auntie and my sister Lady Sarah SAKOH, Vice-President of the National Assembly for their presence.

Thank you, finally, to my sisters Wives of Ministers and Ministers who are on our side at this every opportunity.

My dear sisters,

The presence of the President of the Republic to this gathering  of the FAFCI in Abengourou, testifies his unwavering support to our cause, and the faith he places in the women of our country.

Indeed, the President was the first to believe in this project and our most fervent support since the start of FAFCI.

Yes, the President of the Republic believes in the women of Côte d’Ivoire and their ability to meet the challenge of the development of our beautiful country.

That is why we women, we are all with ADO. Isn’t my sisters?

I ask you to applaud him loudly.





My Dear Sisters,

The Support Fund for the Women of Côte d’Ivoire, has set up in order to make the young girls and women of all regions of our country benefit it.

The objective was to allow each beneficiary start their own income generating activity, and thus contribute to the welfare of their families.

We have launched the FAFCI with a start budget an initial budget of FCFA one billion. Today, the fund has a capital of FCFA 8 billion, thanks to the confidence of the President of the Republic, the first advocate for women.

This increase has enabled the funding of nearly 100 000 micro-projects, across the country and therefore, helped 100,000 families live in better conditions.

I would also say that the national reimbursement rate is over 95% today. Our sisters are really to be commended. I am proud of them.

Dear Sisters,

Today we are in Abengourou to put at your disposal, an additional budget of CFA francs 100 million, in addition to the 132 million already received, to help women benefit. This is an amount of CFA francs 232 million for the Department of Abengourou, and a global financing of FCFA 500 million for the Indénié-Djuablin region.

My Dear Sisters,

I know that thanks to these loans, you will carry out the activities that you have presented, in order to get the best benefit.

You can also apply the training that you have received for a good management of your project.

My Dear Sisters,

I know that with these loans, you will lead out the activities that you have presented, in order to get the best benefit.

You can also apply the training that you have received for your good project management.

My Dear Sisters,

My Dear Daughters,

I also came to support your efforts and development initiatives, with donations that have just been listed to you. I know you will make good use of them.

Know that you have my full support and that you can always count on me to help you move forward.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I could not close my remarks without thanking the first partner of the FAFCI, namely the COOPEC, the institution that supports us in the implementation of this funding program since its inception. And greet its Director General, Mr. Issiaka SAVANE, present on our side.

I also congratulate my co-workers of the Cabinet for the excellent work they do with me devotedly for the FAFCI to be a national success.

I ask you to applaud them loudly.

I wish you a very good afternoon to you all.

Thank you.

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