The delivery of the FAFCI checks to Daoukro women

My Dear Sisters,
I note with great emotion that you have come in large numbers, from Daoukro; M’bayakro; Prikro; Ouéllé and from the entire IFFOU region to express your joy to welcome us.
In my turn, I would like to say Mohamohooo! Thank you dear sisters for that warm welcome. It is always a great pleasure to meet you at the FAFCI ceremonies.
Today, I am especially much more pleased for benefiting from the very well appreciated presence of my dear husband, President Alassane Ouattara, of the Mr. Prime Minister, the members of the Government including his close associates.
I would like you to applaud the loudly. By his presence here today, Mr. the President of the Republic demonstrates us once again, the great expectations he places in us.
Thank you Mr. President for the trust you place in your sisters and daughters. They are grateful to you.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Sisters
I would also ask you to give a standing ovation for my dear sister, Mrs. Henriette Konan BEDIE, who makes us the friendship to be with us for this ceremony.
My big sister has always shown great affection for us. And I would like to tell her my gratitude. This is also the place to greet her humanism for the charity activities she pursues with her Foundation SERVIR in favor of our needy brothers and sisters.
Dear big sister, thank you for your presence. I would like you to convey my greetings to our elder President Henri Konan BEDIE whom I greet affectionately.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Sisters,
By developing the FAFCI, we had on our mind to make women of all regions of our country benefit from it.
So, thanks to our technical partners, we could cover the entire area of the country meeting women resolved to carry out income-generating activities.
Everywhere, in all regions of the country, the FAFCI arouse the same enthusiasm to our sisters. With the start amount of one billion, we are now at 4 billion that enable 40,000 women to exercise an income-generating activity. These 40,000 women had no income, no job and are today happy to be in the workforce. Here in the IFFOU, to date, it’s an envelope of two hundred million in total that is available to two thousand women whose projects have been selected.
Thank you Mr. President, because these results, it is thanks to your strong support and generosity that we have achieved them.
My Dear Sisters,
Today you are a thousand of our sisters to receive your check. You will need to run well, the projects you have presented, in order to take full advantage it. To do so, you can apply the training you have received. So you can pay quickly your loans and allow your sisters to benefit from the FAFCI in turn. And I count on you to get the best repayment rates throughout the national territory.
My Dear Sisters, my Dear Daughters,
I also have also come to support your efforts and development initiatives, by making donations to your cooperatives. Be certain that you can count on me to help you move forward in a esprit of cohesion and brotherhood.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I could not close my speech without thanking the COOPEC, the GESCI and AFRICA EMERGENCE which accompany us in the implementation of FAFCI.
Thank you all for your presence with us and long life the FAFCI.
Thank you.


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