The holiday camp in Cap-d’Ail (France)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s a real pleasure to have you as our guests today, to support excellence in schools.

My Dear Children,


I am very happy to receive you in the premises of Children of Africa Foundation, to congratulate you for very good academic results you have achieved.

I would first like to commend the cherished presence of Madame Kandia Camara, Minister of National and Technical Education, who freed herself this morning to be with us. I would like to thank her sincerely.

I also welcome the presence of Mrs. Florence NYS, Director and General Secretary of the Association Cité Universitaire Club (CCU), our educational partner in the organization of this camp for the benefit of our dear children. She came specifically from France to take the children and I would like you to applaud her loudly.

The “Cité Universitaire Club” Association and Children of Africa Foundation have partnered to allow the most deserving children, in Côte d’Ivoire, discover other horizons during the school holidays. And I want to thank them specifically.

As part of this project, the Ministry of National and Technical Education has been working with the Foundation to identify the 50 best students of the District of Abidjan. From this list, the top 6 students on all the municipalities, aged 13-17 years, have been selected to be fully cared for, while spending a 15 days learning vacation at the “Centre Méditerranéen d’Etudes Françaises” (Mediterranean Center for French Studies (CMEF) located in Cap d’Ail, in the South of France.

My Dear Children,


I want to congratulate you warmly for your excellent results. I’m proud of you, and your parents too. You’re beautiful, you’re smart and well behaved.

You have well deserved this stay outside the country, which will help you deepen your knowledge and benefit from new experiences with your peers from around the world.

Furthermore, I wish to extend to you the congratulations of your dad, President Alassane Ouattara. He is very proud of you and asked me to hug you affectionately.

The beautiful region you will find during those two weeks, nestled between Nice and Monaco, will undoubtedly leave you wonderful memories that you will remember all your life.

Dear children,


I want to encourage you to remain among the best during your studies.

You are a chosen succession. Keep in mind these essential values, namely work, carefulness and perseverance. They allow you to go far in life and become the leaders of tomorrow.

I also congratulate your teachers and professors, for the outstanding work they do every day to train.

I wish you all very good vacation.

Thank you.


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