The mobile clinic


Ladies and Gentlemen

I am delighted to be with you this afternoon, to proceed to the launch of the mobile clinics, initiated by the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene. I would first like to greet the personalities present here, especially, Mr Prime Minister, Daniel Kablan Duncan, and Mr. Hamed BAKAYOKO, Minister of State, Minister of the Interior present with us this afternoon. I would now like to greet and congratulate Madame Raymonde Coffie GOUDOU, Minister of Health and Public Hygiene, for this great initiative which will promote access to health care for our populations by offering proximity services. My greetings extend, finally, to all health workers, traditional leaders and all personalities present here.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Government of Côte d’Ivoire, through the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, has decided to provide mobile clinics to our citizens, to facilitate their access to health care. This innovative approach is welcome, as it will help alleviate the difficulties of access to public health services in some localities. These mobile clinics represent a breakthrough in the medical management of our citizens, and I am confident that they will be of great help to populations. It’s that way it will be possible to provide fair access to health care for all. A competent medical team could go to the sick, with the appropriate equipment to assist them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you probably know, the health of our populations has always been a major concern for me. That’s why since 1998, we carry through Children Of Africa Foundation, many support actions in this area that can provide health care to many moms and their children. I am delighted therefore that these mobile units of care for patients can be a reality in our territory from this date. This is what motivates me to personally support the action of the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, and the reason of my presence here today.

Dear Minister

I reiterate my support for all initiatives aiming at improving the health of our people. I am sure that many of our citizens will rejoice that a delivery room, a laboratory, a dental office, a consultation room, a radiography room, all sufficiently equipped, come to them, and are at their disposal. It is health at their door, because these mobile units will travel throughout all Côte d’Ivoire from North to South, from East to West through the center.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Health Professionals,

I commend your dedication and constant concern for those who suffer because of disease. The main reward of your efforts is in the eyes of a very healthy child, or a woman capable of taking care of her family. You now have the responsibility of this beautiful work tool that is entrusted to you. You should make sure to grant quality health care to patients who come in consultation in these mobile units. I am convinced that you will make good use of them.

Dear Populations,

The Government of Côte d’Ivoire offers to you, today, several mobile clinics to ensure your health care. I urge you to be in solidarity with medical teams, by booking them the best welcome and by mobilizing massively to attend these new services, whenever they are at your door. Ladies and Gentlemen Finally, I officially launch today, the circulation of 09 mobile clinics and 02 ambulances SAMU, to the delight of our people.

Thank you.


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