The visit to 2014 flood victims

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Attécoubé, and Yopougon
It is with the heart filled with sadness I visit you today to bring you my comfort after the difficult time you are going through. Once more, the torrential rains have torn loved ones from the affection of those who loved them. They left families in mourning and the plunge the entire nation into mourning.
I could not stay away from you in such a difficult moment that touches me at the highest point.
So upon my return, I wanted to come and voice to you myself, my sympathy and that of my dear Husband, President Alassane Ouattara.
Very saddened by this situation, the President asked me to convey all his compassion and heartfelt condolences.
Measures have been taken to ensure that affected families receive assistance as soon as possible.
Indeed, Attécoubé, Abobo, Anyama, Yopougon, Cocody and Bingerville you have suffered the pangs of rain and some of you have lost loved ones, others their homes and property. It is a situation that I deeply regret.
We sympathize wholeheartedly with you and share your lost.
To relieve you a little bit, I brought you food and non-food items and medicines for the wounded.
I’m also sad for our brothers and sisters of Fresco, San Pedro and Grand Lahou severely affected by the floods. A delegation will meet very soon on my part.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I would like to reassure you that the President of the Republic makes every effort for definitely avoiding disasters associated with heavy rains, so that the rainy season never mourns our country.
I wish you much courage to help you relieve of these problems.  You can count on me to always be on your side.
Thank you.


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