Easter 2023: Mrs. Dominique Ouattara donates food items worth 130 million CFA francs to the Christian community

The First Lady, Mrs. Dominique Ouattara donated food items worth 130 million CFA francs to the Christian community, on the occasion of Lent and Easter, Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The donation ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Children Of Africa Foundation and witnessed the presence of General Diomandé Vagondo, Minister of Interior and Security, Mrs. Logboh Myss Belmonde Dogo, Minister of Solidarity and Fight against Poverty, as well as several Christian religious guides.

The donation which includes 3,000 bags of rice of 25 kg, 2,000 boxes of pasta of 5 kg, 1. 250 cartons of oil cans, 750 cartons of concentrated tomato pasta, 500 cartons of couscous packets, 250 cartons of red milk cans, 100 cartons of pea cans and 500 bags of sugar of 25 kg were given to Catholic parishes, United Methodist churches, evangelical churches, revealed churches of Africa, and religious congregations and associations.

It is important to note that the donations to Christian community has now become a tradition. Indeed, every year on the eve of Easter, the wife of the Head of State expresses her solidarity by offering important food items to the Christian community. According to First Lady Dominique Ouattara the fasting mont is an opportunity to show charity and generosity to the most disadvantaged people of the Christian community. “Indeed, during these forty days of penance and prayer, we are invited to show charity and generosity towards the most disadvantaged people of our communities. It is in this same spirit, and with the duty of assistance that surrounds this period, that we wished to make donations of food to help and relieve our brothers and sisters who need it most,” said Mrs. Dominique Ouattara. In addition, the First Lady thanked the religious leaders for their prayers for peace and social cohesion. She took advantage of this meeting to urge them to continue praying for peace and tranquility in the country. “Dear religious guides, we know that it is largely thanks to your prayers and your intercession that our country Côte d’Ivoire lives in peace and tranquility. We urge you to keep praying for our beautiful country, so that all its daughters and sons live in a peaceful environment where brotherhood and cohesion are cherished,” urged Mrs. Dominique Ouattara.

After emphasizing on the importance of Christian Lent and the Easter period, General Diomandé Vagondo, Minister of the Interior and Security, insisted on the particular meaning of the 2023 edition. Indeed, according to the Minister of Interior and Security, the 2023 edition has a special meaning because  it intertwined with the Muslim fasting allowing a union of prayers, communion for peace, brotherhood and cohesion in Côte d’Ivoire.   Thus for the latter, the momentum of solidarity and charity of the First Lady to the Christian community is a bearer of grace and blessings. That is why, on behalf of the religious guides, he called for the ‘ baraka’ on the presidential couple, as well as on each member of their family. “They wish that the Lord of the worlds covers you, His Excellency Mr. Alassane Ouattara, President of the Republic, your husband and all those who are dear to you with blessings, good health and long life so that Côte d’Ivoire remains a country of solidarity and a great place to live,” said the Minister of Interior.

On behalf of the Religious Guides, Father Hyppolite Agnigori, representing His Eminence Jean Pierre Cardinal Kutwa, Metropolitan Archbishop of Abidjan and spokesperson for the beneficiaries, thanked the First Lady for her solidarity and charity.