Social security program: FAFCI launches the enrolment phase for its members

A decisive step towards social security for beneficiaries of the Support Fund for Women in Côte d’Ivoire (FAFCI). Wednesday December 27, 2023 at the COOPEC headquarters in Yopougon Selmer was a historic day for thousands of women benefiting from the FAFCI fund.

hanks to the partnership between FAFCI and the National Security Agency, these women will now have right to a pension after a lifetime’s work, sickness benefits and maternity leave. The COOPEC head office was the venue for the launch ceremony of the enrolment phase for FAFCI beneficiary women run by the National Security Agency.

Mrs Yao Patricia Sylvie, in her inaugural speech, stressed the importance of this initiative in promoting women’s economic empowerment. She praised the combined efforts of the government, CNPS and the First Lady through FAFCI fund in bringing this project to success, which directly benefits the fund’s beneficiaries. The First Lady’s collaborator went on to recall the reasons that led the wife of the Head of State to initiate the FAFCI. She also underlined the positive results of this program after 10 years of implementation. For her, the FAFCI is a powerful instrument to address poverty for it has helped 370,000 women and lifted over 2 million people out of poverty. “Today, it’s more than 10 years since the FAFCI was created.  Women are independent. It’s a pleasure to see that women are getting out of poverty thanks to FAFCI”, said Mrs Yao Patricia Sylvie, Executive Secretary of FAFCI.

This will not only improve the quality of life of women entrepreneurs, but also strengthen the economic stability of the country as a whole. “(…) However, in her firm determination to pursue her actions for the happiness of women, th First Lady wished to continue and further secure women’s activities by promoting their access to social coverage. This is why she decided to enter into partnership with National Security Agency (CNPS), through the enrolment of FAFCI beneficiary women to protect her sisters from poverty”, revealed Mrs Yao. From now on, women traders, craftswomen, farmers, stockbreeders or those working in the informal sector will be able to benefit from maternity leave, care in the event of illness or accident, and in the event of old age, to receive a retirement pension, in return for a contribution. All things that were previously impossible for them, as they were reserved exclusively for private and public sector employees. Mrs Yao Patricia Sylvie also urged FAFCI beneficiary women to register for the program in order to benefit from the social security coverage offered by the CNPS.

Idriss Traoré, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Operations at CNPS, explained the program and the partnership between FAFCI and CNPS. According to Mr. Idriss Traoré, the partnership between FAFCI and CNPS is in line with government’s policy to . make social security  accessible to all workers.

Adingra Yao, Director of Operations and Production at UNACOOPECI, praised the partnership for providing social security coverage for FAFCI beneficiary women. He revealed that COOPEC had agreed to host the social security program enrolment sites.

Mrs Yao Marie Chantal, spokeswoman for the FAFCI beneficiaries, thanked the First Lady for the opportunity she had offered them through FAFCI. For her, their enrolment for the socil security program will now enable them to fully fullfil their dream of empowerment.

Mrs Diaby Nassanatou, 2nd Deputy Mayor of Yopougon, also thanked the First Lady for her constant concern for the women of Yopougon.