Treichville: First Lady Dominique Ouattara pays tribute to Honorable Aminata Toungara

The First Lady, Ms Dominique Ouattara, sponsored a tribute ceremony for the Honorable Aminata Toungara, Vice-President of the National Assembly and Member of Parliament for Treichville, on Friday October 27, 2023, at the Cultural Centre in Abidjan.

The ceremony witnessed the presence of a number of personalities, but above all by the women of Treichville, who were present in large numbers.

The aim of the ceremony was to pay a well-deserved tribute to the Honorable Aminata Toungara for her personal career, her political commitment and her social actions to assist the most disadvantaged, particularly the people of Treichville. A committed activist from the earliest days of the Republican Rally Party (RDR), Ms Aminata Toungara is one of the pioneers of the party. In addition to her political commitment, the wife of the Great Mediator of the Republic also has her heart on her sleeve. She never misses an opportunity to help the women and children of Treichville. These qualities were praised by the various speakers at the ceremony.

But above all, Ms Amy Toungara is also very close to the Presidential couple, and especially to the First Lady, Ms Dominique Ouattara, whom she met in 1990. All of which justifies the presence of the wife of the Head of State as godmother of this celebration. Ms Dominique Ouattara not only praised the qualities of                                     Ms Aminata Toungara, but also spoke of the close and long-standing ties between her and the Toungara couple.  “I am happy to preside over this great and beautiful ceremony, because Amy is a sister to the President of the Republic and mine. She has always been by our side with her husband, our brother Adama Toungara, whatever the circumstances, and I would like to thank them for their great loyalty, their sincere friendship and their unwavering support,” thanked the First Lady. The wife of the Head of State also mentioned qualities such as loyalty, self-sacrifice, dedication and perseverance as traits of Ms Amy Toungara’s personality. “For my part, I would say that Amy embodies loyalty and selfless service. Amy is much more than an elected official, she is also a kind-hearted benefactor to the people of Treichville, especially women and children.

She has always been a pillar and a model of dedication for others,” said                               Ms Dominique Ouattara. More than a friend, Ms Amy Toungara has become for Ms Dominique Ouattara a sister, a companion on the road, a sure value. Ms Amy Toungara is a model of dedication and perseverance. “(…) She is an model of dedication and perseverance. Her vision for the development of Treichville, her love for her constituency and her constant concern for the well-being of her constituents are examples to follow. She is a model for the younger generations, a living example of what one can achieve with determination and a deep love for the country,” said Ms Dominique Ouattara.

Taking the floor well before the First Lady, Ms Aminata Toungara thanked the people who had come from all over the Abidjan district and the personalities who had made the trip to attend the ceremony. Ms Aminata Toungara said she was proud to serve her fellow citizens, especially women and children. She also thanked the Presidential couple. She recalled her pride in serving the country alongside the Head of State, who works tirelessly for the well-being of the people and the country’s development. “I am proud to serve my country alongside a great leader with great vision, President Alassane Ouattara,” she said. Ms Toungara concluded by paying tribute to her sister, the First Lady, Ms Dominique Ouattara, for the support she has always given to her husband, the President of the Republic.

Ms Kandia Kamissoko Carama, President of the Senate and President of the ceremony, also gave a poignant and moving account of Ms Aminata Toungara’s life. The President of the Senate praised the exceptional courage and strength of Ms Amy Toungara during the RDR’s heyday. She recalled that Ms Toungara is a “sentinel for the President of the Republic and the First Lady”. For her, Ms Amy Toungara is a role model, an advisor and a woman of exceptional generosity.

Mr. Albert François Amichia, Mayor of the commune of Treichville, also agreed. “You are an exceptional opportunity for our commune. (…) For me, you embody the love of a mother who gives for her community endlessly “, He said.

Ms Diarisso Aminata, President of the Organizing Committee, said that Ms Toungara was “the type of woman everyone dreams of having as a family”.

The First Lady offered ten (10) million F CFA to the women and people present. Numerous gifts were also presented to the First Lady and Ms Aminata Toungara.